How to upgrade UVdesk!

  • How to upgrade?

    If you want to update your old version to the latest one.

    You need to update all dependent bundles of this project by running below commands.

    composer update uvdesk/core-framework
    composer update uvdesk/support-center-bundle
    composer update uvdesk/mailbox-component
    composer update uvdesk/automation-bundle
    composer update uvdesk/extension-framework

    Note: Before running above command take a backup of swiftmailer.yaml, uvdesk_mailbox.yaml, uvdesk.yaml (You will find these files under config->packages of your project).

    If you don't want to set your site_url, swiftmailer, and mailbox again.


    You can simply create a new project by this command it will always install the latest version of the project:

    composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton helpdesk-project

    For a better security save a backup also of your database.

    Thank You!!

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