Ticket Merge

  • If a customer has opened two different records on the same subject, these two records should be combined and followed in a single ticket.

  • @ercanyuzuk your query doesn't clear, please make use of screenshot while describing about your query so that we can check it our end.

  • @ercanyuzuk

    It is also possible that subject of tickets are same but message is different so it is quite risky to decline or other ticket.

    You can try customer previous ticket app.
    Here you can see all ticket of customer in one place.


  • hi @Sanjeev . the portal can not merge tickets automatically . Agents are able to do that . ;Therefore , it will not not be risky.
    For example , customer sent a mail and ticket generated . Agent replied and follow the ticket. Customer sent a new mail with the same problem but subject is different . in this case, new tickets generated with different id . So, customer has one problem but , there are two tickets in the system . in this case, agent can merge these two tickets.
    customer previous tickets is ok, but not solve the issue .
    before we used the manage engine support service software , we were able to do that .

  • @ercanyuzuk

    Currently here is no such feature like agent can merge two ticket but we will check if we can do the same in our system in future.

  • @Sanjeev yes, you can not that as a feature reguest .
    The most important deficiency I see right now is the inability to define SLA.
    If the agent does not respond to ticket within the specified time, system can inform the supervisior or admin .

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