How to keep uvdesk updated?

  • In those days I see some issue in the code: something that need to be updated, jQuery for example.... so after tried to update and discovered issues I reported this on GitHub and now have to wait your help.

    Visiting GitHub I discovered some other issues opened by other users with a patch solution that I tried to apply without success. I discovered files in GitHub are different from files on my self hosted version even if I'm running the latest stable version.

    Seems you edit the code on GitHub and maybe this updated will be not released with a new version for different months.

    Here is my question:
    If I want apply patches on my self hosted installation, maybe also issue that i never followed in the latest months but has been patched what I have to do?

    I can just made a full backup and try to follow what explained here ? This will update my self hosted file with the latest stable files on GitHub that has also latest commit, latest stable patches?

    Also the upgrade post mentioned miss to do the php bin/console c:c command after the mentioned SSH commands?
    I added now this information as think was missed in that post.

  • @peopleinside

    Suppose we are doing updates on any dependent bundles of this project.
    let's say the updates we are doing currently it will be in master branch only.

    You can update your this dependent bundle under your project by two way.

    1. Delete your core-framework which is under vendor/uvdesk and clone a latest updated core-framework using command at the same place(under vendor/uvdesk)

    git clone

    you will see a same core-framework cloned using above command and now this bundle is updated.

    2. you need to wait for a new release of core-framework ( once it is done.
    you just need to run a command and you will get a latest release of core-framework .

    composer update uvdesk/core-framework

    Above procedure is for release up to 1.0.12 after this we will try you don't need to do such effort.

    You just need to run

    composer update

    And all the latest release packages will add into your project.

  • @Sanjeev thank you! So when you will release version 1.0.13 to update from 1.0.12 will be just necessary do composer update into the uvdesk root folder?

  • @peopleinside

    We are currently testing if anything is broken or any issue with the project due to many updates done and team is working on it time to time. Once done with testing and everything goes good and we have no such major issues we will come with a next release.

  • @Sanjeev thank you.
    If you can please include some other security fix in your new release as next update after the new release can take long time.

  • @peopleinside

    Definitely we will check and try to add these as well if these are not creating any issues in project.

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