New version: Stable Release v1.0.12

  • Hi everyone,
    a new version of UVdesk community is now available.

    For more info about features and fix you can check the following GitHub page:

    How to upgrade?

    The following post will include how to updgrade

    You can download the latest release from the previous GitHub link or also from

    Enjoy and if you need support you can post your questions in the Technical Help section

  • @peopleinside
    How to upgrade?

    If you want to update your old version to the latest one.

    You need to update all dependent bundles of this project by running below commands.

    composer update uvdesk/core-framework
    composer update uvdesk/support-center-bundle
    composer update uvdesk/mailbox-component
    composer update uvdesk/automation-bundle
    composer update uvdesk/extension-framework

    Note:  Before running above command take a backup of swiftmailer.yaml, uvdesk_mailbox.yaml,  uvdesk.yaml (You will find these files under config->packages of your project).

    If you don't want to set your site_url, swiftmailer, and mailbox again.


    You can simply create a new project by this command it will always install the latest version of the project:

    composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton helpdesk-project

    Thank You!!

  • @admin thanks for posting this so user will have a guidance.
    There is also a possible procedure that we can describe for user that just want update by FTP (for security use FTP always under SSL)?

  • A new procedure is available since from version Stable Release v1.0.14

    Instead of many different composer update command you can use:

    composer update

    in the main UVdesk folder but before do that maybe you need follow some steps if you get an error.

    Make always a full folder and database beckup before try to update or to do any edit.

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