composer update never update all UVdesk components

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    Hi, I don't know if for this need to open a GitHub issue... I will try first to discuss here with the UVdesk team members.

    Recently I updated my UVdesk to the latest version but doing composer update never update all necessary components... for example translation are excluded.

    We need update the upgrade instruction or better be sure the upgrade procedure will update all necessary components.

    Waiting your feedback.

    PS: I discover on upgrading translations are not updated if the update is done by SSH, I don't know if the same issue occurs if the UVdesk is updated by Softacolous script and I don't know if translations is not the only components that is not updated.

    We need be sure to provide correct upgrade procedure with all necessary components updated!

    For now I upgraded the Italian language manually but how to upgrade all languages files?
    We should add only procedure to update languages or other components too are excluded from upgrade with composer update, etc?

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    Only translation folder not update when running the "composer update".
    As it comes under the community-skeleton.
    But if somebody creating project using command or using zip then it will always be latest one.

    When upgrading the project using command either copy the latest files from Git Hub translation folder or can copy and replace in your project from zip file.

  • mod admin

    @Sanjeev OK, thank you for the answer!

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