Operator, bad mobile experience

  • Hi, UVdesk is not only not responsive for operator side ticket management but also there are some CSS code with the function to not allow some important actions if you are from mobile. I'm asking why? What sense this have?

    For example:

    on /public/bundles/uvdeskcoreframework/css/_uikit.css

    lines 5259 , 5260, 5261

    .uv-inner-section td label {
      display: none;

    With this nice CSS operator will be not able to select single tickets from mobile. Why?
    What sense has this?

    lines 5231, 5232, 5233, 5234

    @media screen and (min-width: 1100px) and  (max-width: 1260px) {
      .uv-inner-section .uv-view .uv-ticket-action-bar .uv-tabs ul li[data-type="pinned"]  {
        display: none;

    Operator will be not able to select all ticket from mobile, why?

    lines 5275, 5276, 5277

    .uv-inner-section .uv-view .uv-ticket-action-bar .uv-tabs ul li {
      display: none;

    So UVdesk never has a responsive interface for operator but also will disable operator from using normal tools available not in mobile.

    If the operator are on mobility will be unable to do a lot of things from a mobile device.
    What sense have this?

    No mobile template, the template for mobile is a desktop template that just hide some functions, also important, that will be only available on desktop.

    I have every time to comments this CSS rules that limit a lot management of ticket from mobile.
    Can you explain the sense?

    Also if I ask to the mobile browser to load the desktop interface will not do so... the operator will be unable to manage tickets if webadmin never had commented some CSS rules you have inserted to limit the experience on mobile.

  • @peopleinside

    Some of the option disabled because with this space managing multiple options effecting others as well.

    will check with design team if we can do this.

  • @admin currently seems UVdesk support mobile template for customer but not for operators.
    UVdesk just have a mobile template for operator that imitate functions. Maybe in the future UVdesk will have a full mobile interface also for operator that never remove functions that are available on desktop 😄 for now... I have to change CSS every time UVdesk is updated or I will be not able to delete more tickets, delete a single ticket, select multiple tickets, etc.

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