Cannot reopen tickets with reply content (exception)

  • Hi Sanjeev,
    thanks for your answer!
    I am using uvdesk-community-v1.0.13.

    I undestand that - as obviously this is a very basic functionality, and therefore it is very likely that it works on other systems - this will be hard to reproduce on a different system, but I hope it is possible.
    Here is the description on my process I apply:

    • Ticket has been created by user -> it is in status "Open"

    • I open the ticket, add my answer and click on "Reply" - "Submit and Close".

    • The workflow then sends a E-Mail to the user and the system tells me (green rectangle in the top right) that the mail has been sent.

    • Then the UI is not responding any more: it keeps on showing the moving blue balls. At the same time, symfony shows me the exception:
      The Response content must be a string or object implementing __toString(), "boolean" given.

      at vendor/symfony/http-foundation/Response.php:401
      at Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response->setContent(false)
      at Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response->__construct(false, 200, array('Content-Type' => 'application/json'))
      at Webkul\UVDesk\CoreFrameworkBundle\Controller\ThreadXHR->listTicketThreadCollectionXHR('49')
      at Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernel->handleRaw(object(Request), 1)
      at Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernel->handle(object(Request), 1, true)
      at Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel->handle(object(Request))

    • If I now click "back" in my browser, I see the ticket has been moved to "Closed".

    • When I now click again on the ticket in the section "Closed", the system shows me the ticket (in the background), the blue moving balls in the foreground, which won't stop to move. At the same time, the same exceptions is shown in Symfony.

    I hope you can give me any advice how to fix this.

    Thanks and best regards!

  • mod admin

    Hi @mnz42 ,
    I'm following the discussion and I'm checking the issue you are reporting.

    1. The customer ticket is created by the web interface or by email?
    2. What version of PHP are you running?
    3. Can you try to reproduce in the demo?

  • Hi @peopleinside ,
    thank you for your reply. Here is my response to your questions:

    1. The customer ticket is created by web interface
    2. I am using PHP 7.3 (I have also tested it with PHP 7.4 - same issue), PHP Boost activated
    3. Unfrtunately, I cannot reproduce the issue with the demo

    Maybe it is related with my installation - but I have no clue why:

    • I installed the latest version
    • I have tested different versions of PHP (and PHP 7.3 is said to be supported by Udev according to the documentation)
    • uvdesk is running on a subdomain (but I think this could not cause the issue...)

    Looking forward to any ideas,

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    Have you tried the same uvdesk version on your local machine (localhost)
    if not then please check. May be some issue from your server.

  • mod admin

    @mnz42 you can also maybe activate the debug and reproduce the issue than see if you get some useful error from here.
    Be sure your installation is not corrupted in some way.. don't know.

  • Was there anything found from this as I am having a very similar issue all of a sudden?

    Tickets get created but when you go to reply TinyMCE is failing to initialize and the field is null.

  • UVdesk Staff mod

    @Brandon-2021 said in Cannot reopen tickets with reply content (exception):

    get created but when you go to reply TinyMCE is failing to initialize and the field is null.

    Is there any tags teams or groups assigning to ticket using workflow?
    are you getting the same issue with any ticket created using website?

  • @Sanjeev

    Nothing is set up with workflows, groups, or teams; the only thing is Type. Reply issue is the same for any member and Admin. The TinyMCE though isn't getting initialized for some reason.

  • If someone else lands here with something similar. For your Ticket Types make sure you're not hitting enter when completing the description. This is for version 1.13.

    Thanks for your help @Sanjeev

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    @Brandon-2021 said in Cannot reopen tickets with reply content (exception):

    thing is set up with workflows,

    Yes, with current version you will not face this issue it was with v1.0.13.
    So will suggest you to upgrade your version soon.

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