workflow reminder

  • First of all, congratulations for the job.

    I missing the possibility to setup a workflow that allow set up reminders to agents inviting them to access to UVDESK because they have oppened tickets assigned waitting for to be closed (easier) or with a summarize of opened cases assigned (to the agent or to the team where the agent is a member) (more complex) .

    Most flexible way I think is allow to create a workflow based on periodicity / date / time. Currently workflows are only based on events. Another possibility would be allow create a workflow based on ticket age.

    I think it will be a very usefull functionality for agents who do not access to UVDESK portal everyday and do not close tickets at once (for example, purchasing department).

  • @JIOB

    Thanks for your suggestion !!
    We will check if we can achieve this by some way.

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