UV Desk setting up email on windows platform - WAMP Server

  • @peopleinside

    PHP Version 7.3.21

  • @peopleinside I tried to make changes to the code and I replaced the values with Null.


    Now I tried running the refresh command again and in response now i got Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?' in C:\wamp64\www\uvdesk\config\bootstrap.php on line 13

  • PHP Version 7.3.21

    @Nishit the PHP version seems to be good.

    I tried to make changes to the code and I replaced the values with Null.

    If you really don't know what you are editing I don't suggest to edit the core code also if I can understand your try to fix.
    I think "we" need wait for a reply from developers.

    What you can try is to resume the original core code that you edited than maybe you can test if you fet the same issue with a Gmail address or an email address that after the @ has domain.ext and not domain.ext.ext2

    I remember to discovered (but I think is not reported as bug in GitHub) that UVdesk can have issue on receiving email on a subdomain address. I can remember I get error if my support email is like support1.team@domain.ext

    In your case I'm not sure if the error can be realted to the domain extensions that have two fullstop .co.in.
    Maybe not realted in this case you need wait a reply from devs.

  • @peopleinside Okay lets wait for @Sanjeev to have a look on it.
    Thanks for your help 🙂

  • @Nishit yes let's wait. I'm sorry to cannot help you to fix immediately.

  • @Nishit

    It seems like the only problem with your php version.
    And you do not need to change anything under vendor folder if your php version is greater than 7.2

    Sometime PHP version for Web and CLI may be different it can be cause this issue.

    You need to make your php version default for both and then make a try.

  • Dear @Sanjeev ,

    You can refer the screenshot below.. I am using the same version for web and cli.


    I still wonder why there is an issue.


  • @Nishit

    Have you restarted the server after making changes?

  • Dear @Sanjeev ,

    Many times... I tired restarting and changing/switching versions vice versa.

  • @Sanjeev
    Still doesn't work!

    I am trying other way around by checking if I can directly host it on IIS.
    If you have any procedure or prerequisites before installation on IIS. kindly let me know the same please. it would be much appreciated.

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