Unable to login to admin panel right after installation

  • I’ve installed uvdesk in my Debian server using composer create-project command. Then I’m able to install the uvdesk as well. But when I tried to login to admin portal using the admin credential I’ve given during installation. But it says invalid login credential.

    If anyone faced this issue please help me to resolve it.

    Thank you in advance


  • UVdesk Staff

    Hi @sajal
    If you facing this issue then you create new DB then migrate and install all the steps, also remember the admin credentials then try again.


  • UVdesk Staff mod

    Please check if you are login using the correct panel.

    For admin/agent panel default path will be on URl like below.



    If accidentally forget your admin password and not able to login just after finishing installation can create a new admin password using below command.

    php bin/console uvdesk_wizard:defaults:create-user ROLE_ADMIN

    Just fill all the details for the admin and login using new details.

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