Need help - reset password without posting email how to do it

  • I have admin access to db how can i change/reset password?

  • @russian_uvdesk

    You need to open your database and open uv _user  table.

    If you want to change password for a agent then:
    You can copy admin password and paste it for agent and login agent using the same password as your admin have and can change agent password after login.


    Click on forget password enter agent email and a verification code will set on database.

    Now open database and take this verification code from uv_user table and by the below URL you can update password.


  • @russian_uvdesk have you tried this option, if yes tell me is it working ?

    Ali Sami Farooq

  • @alisamifarooq

    Are you facing any problem ?

    You can change or update password using both the methods and it should work.

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