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  • Hello!

    I would like to ask if the open source version of UVdesk is multilanguage compatible?

    I run a website with two natives languages and we would like to use UVdesk as our support tool, however seems that is not possible to send e-mails to customers in more than one language. How can I send e-mails to customers according their respective language?


  • UVdesk Staff


    As I understand your problem, you want to send the mail in your native language you can achieve this by just going into the email templates section.
    After open Email Template section you can see here multiple mails written in English .
    After Click on Edit button simply change the subject & body message in your native language so you can send e-mails to customers in more than one language.

    If you still facing any issue Please let me know

  • Hi!

    We are looking for a way to send emails in two languages. In our support we have users from two differents languages and use only one language in the e-mail template is a poor customer service.

    If we send e-mails in portuguese, english users will not understand. If we send e-mails in english, the same will happens with portuguese users.

    In OSTicket is possible to assign an e-mail template to a language, so the user receive the e-mail for it respective language based in their settings, however I couldnt find a way to achieve the same with UVdesk.

  • UVdesk Staff

    Sorry, But this send e-mails translation feature is not available in Opensource UVdesk. If you want to send e-mails in two languages, you need a translator. Which is a paid service, available in SAAS UVDesk.

  • mod admin

    @leandrorocha In my OpenSource install I edited the email templates by inserting two languages.
    First my native language: Italian than English.

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