all mails are not tickets - how to customise ?

  • Hi,

    I am evaluating the use of UVdesk for a small firm (community version). We already have an email id shared with customers to request any help, provide support / resolve queries etc.. This email ID also receives various other emails (statements, informational emails, business emails, etc) that don't qualify to be treated as a ticket.

    Is there any mechanism to take care of the above scenario ? or
    Can the received mail be reviewed in the inbox and then be moved under uvdesk scope / process ? (any such method available ?)


  • @kumar71

    If You want to block emails from a particular email id then you can use
    Spam setting feature in your dashboard and add those emails id in black list.

    If you want to block emails from a specific subject then you can do with the help of Workflow.

  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks for the response. We have not installed the product yet, but trying to obtain some answers through this forum to assist in key decision making factors / requirements and to take this further (non-technical aspects). My question may be basic at times.

    We wanted to know if we can filter / manage legitimate emails that does not qualify to be a ticket by using the workflow.


  • @kumar71

    In workflow you can set multiple conditions also you have option to add multiple mailboxes so you can add a specific email with your project where actually your work related queries will come.

  • @kumar71 you can also have a demo of the hosted version here: also if the best way to test will be in your server 🙂

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