New version: Stable Release v1.0.13

  • We are happy to announce that we have recently released a new stable version of UVdesk Opensource. with many updates and issues fixes.

    Please check here for more updates:

  • @Sanjeev Thank you, how to update for whose are using composer 2?

  • When you announce a new version, will be not bad also add instruction on how to upgrade.
    I suggest also to give users option to have the packaging that not require SSH and composer.

    I tried to update but I get a ReCaptcha error that generate a 500 error. I have a ticket opened about this issue.

    If you have moved the ReCaptcha to be stored in the database I'm asking how tell to an existing UVdesk installation to update the database ... and if this will be necessary with this latest update.

    Error say uvdesk.recaptcha doesn't exist in the SQL.. of cure if I'm updating and is not a new install... but cannot see you mention database need to be updated and with steps follow.

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