A great HelpDesk with some cool features needed

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    UVdesk looks like to be a great open source ticket system project.
    Looking on the Internet I place this ticket system at the first place.

    Personally I think OsTicket will be a more complex ticket system that allow to have more functions but is not yet responsive and this is a big issue, it also come with an issue that convinced me to migrate to a different solution.

    Actually there are some issues that need fixed and this has the priority.
    Recently an issue has been created after the responsible file for ticket creation has been updated MailboxService.php, on my test is now no more creating ticket from emails.

    There is another issue regarding ticket creation that seems interesting:

    But also this issues or feature requests looks like to be very important to me:

    A great new version will be maybe released but still have some important issue to fix before be released:

    Another important missed feature is to support different SMTP for different departments.

    I have different department like:

    • support
    • abuse
    • privacy

    with different email address: support@ abuse@ privacy@

    actually the help desk is configured to send email by the email address helpdesk@

    and are able to open ticket if email is reached at support@ abuse@ privacy.
    Ticket are created on the relative department but if the operator reply the reply comes from helpdesk and not from the relative department email address.

    If someone send an email to the abuse email address the abuse email address will not reply to the ticket because the ticket will send all email notifications and reply from a different email address that is helpdesk@

    UVdesk allow to set different email address so I think should support different SMTP that can be associated to department.

    Department privacy should send replies and notification from the privacy email address not helpdesk@ same for abuse and other departments.

    I hope soon issues can be fixed and UVdesk improved.

    UVdesk need also to be updated in the code to reflect the latest jQuery update.

    This post is like a remind and report to evidence really important issues and missed feature that are important.
    Let me also think there are a lot of work to do so this will require some time, just hope the development can still work on this issues and missed essential features.

    Love UVdesk.

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    Most of the things already fixed in given points and some will of them will be add fixed in upcoming release.

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    @Sanjeev great, thank you!

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