• Dear Sirs,

    I'm working on Translating the uvdesk-community addition fronten for my customers.
    I've followed the guid and created an new translation file which has affect, but I can't find translation fields for the Button texts on the customers home page; 'SIGN IN' and 'CONTACT US' are these controlled by a separate translation file, or hardcoded to english ?

    How to best translate them ?


  • UVdesk Staff mod


    As we have checked both are working for other languages i.e it

    Every word which is static if translation key exist in respective file for it should be translate.

    Check screen shot:

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    Specify your language in which you want to translate we will verify for it if there is any problem.

    Also try if it is due to project cache. Clear your cache as well using below command.

    php bin/console c:c

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