Delete email already processed (ticket created)

  • mod admin

    How I can patch (until you don't introduce this) UVdesk for delete already processed email?

    When a ticket is created email is just flagged as read and stay into the inbox.
    I want email are deleted when ticket is created.

    Can you please provide a solution because I delete ticket and ticket are recreated after 5 minutes generating a lot of email notification to me and to "customer".

    This is urgent as create a big issue.
    I want and need replace the read function with the deletion function: when an email is processed and ticket created, email should be removed if not remove the ticket will create the ticket again and again and also email get full easily especially when you manage more than one support email.

    Thank you.

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    Probably are deleting tickets and then you are also deleting these ticket from trash. Once you delete a ticket from trash it deleted from database as well.

    So when your cron runs it again check inbox as in your database it does not exist (when you have deleted ticket from your trash ) so it again get created in uvdesk panel.

    We will check if we can delete processed mail from your inbox.

  • mod admin

    @Sanjeev thanks, will be useful deleting already processed ticket as in OsTicket.

    This is very useful when you manage more than one email of support and manage it directly from the ticket system.
    Not deleting email is consuming inbox space also is causing issue on ticket deletion.

    Also create issue if you need to migrate else way or if you delete ticket this will create a ticket created again for operator and customer.

    Hope you will be able to provide a solution for delete email once processed.
    Thank you.

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