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  • I am interested in using the uvdesk community-skeleton for a different purpose. I would like to integrate a pay system with tickets; however, i have not found any documentation on making modules/extensions for the uvdesk community-sketelon. Could you provide some sort of example?

    Thanks in advance,

  • UVdesk Staff admin

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for showing an interest in our project.

    We haven't publish any documentation or guide on making modules/extensions for the UVdesk community- skeleton yet. We're working on that part and will live it asap.

    Thanks for reaching us and have a great day ahead!!

    Thanks & Regards

    UVdesk Team

  • UVdesk Staff admin

    Hello @damasu,

    We would like to bring your kind attention towards publishing documentation on extensions. We've added few apps belongs to eCommerce, here is doc link, I hope it will help you to build additional modules or extensions for UVdesk community- skeleton.

    We appreciate your contribution and support.

    Thank You

  • thanks a lot
    it is interesting for me too

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