Installation stuck Step 4/5

  • Not successfully complete the installation process on windows 10 using xampp

            [Step 4/5] Creating super admin account...

    Please wait while your helpdesk is being installed. This could take up to a few minutes.

  • UVdesk Staff admin

    Hi @abin

    Please share error screenshot which showing under
    developer toolbar->Network->XHR...

  • I realise this post is a couple of months old, but I was searching for the same issue, with no luck.

    I found it was an issue with a complex MySQL password which caused the database connection to fail without raising an alert. I changed my MySQL password to something a little more palatable, without special characters, and the install completed within seconds.

  • i have the same problem , the DB password change doesn't work for mi.

  • UVdesk Staff admin

    Hey @omelin

    Greetings of the day!

    use the urlencode function to encode a MySQL password containing special chars.
    Edit doctrine.yaml file [project's config->packages]

    try to change this:
    url: '%env(resolve:DATABASE_URL)%'

    to this:
    url: '%env(DATABASE_URL)%'

    The solution above will resolve the issue, else could you share us some error screenshot so we find and debug the issue in depth.

  • UVdesk Staff admin

    Hi @Absolute,

    Glad to hear that you found and debug the issue and share the solution here.
    You'are not getting an alert as your project is running under dev environment and it will be helpful for users to debug the issue more easily.

    If any more query please ask, and raise a support ticket on


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