Fetch emails from a group

  • Yes i tried clear cache but i am getting the same syntax error

  • Can you please share the screenshot of your updated code. ?

  • getemailaddress.JPG

  • @DD

    you did not pasted the code in correct formate , That is the reason it is giving you the error . you wrote "public " & "function getEmailAddress($addresses)" in two different line .

        public function getEmailAddress($addresses)
            $check_mail = "";
            foreach ((array) $addresses as $address) {
                if($address['address'] != null){
                    $email = explode(" ",$address['address']);
                    $check_mail = $email[1];
            $check_mail = $check_mail ? $check_mail : $address['address'];
                if (filter_var($check_mail, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
                    return $check_mail;
                return null;

  • Thank you for the reply. As for the "Syntax Error" corrected according to your suggestion.
    The mail issue still remains. I am getting the emails/tickets of the mailbox and of the group that the mailbox belongs to.

  • I mean that when i refresh mailbox the i am receiving the emails of the italerts mailbox and not the emails of the IT group that the italerts mailbox is member.

  • @DD

    Okay , now I have done some changes for you .

    Please follow the given steps:

    1. Open the MailboxService file, path of this file is given here :
      -> project-name\vendor\uvdesk\mailbox-component\Services\MailboxService.php

    2. Open the Updated MailboxService file from here.

    3. Take a backup of your project MailboxService file first.

    4. Now copy the whole code from github Updated MailboxService file & past it in your project Mailbox service file .

    5. run the SSH command: php bin/console c:c & after that run the Mailbox refresh command.

    I hope this time it will work for you , If not please let me know

  • Vipin,
    i've done what you suggest but it doesn't work

  • Mailbox refresh command fetch only last 24 hours mail & converted only those mail into ticket .

    so can you please tell me , you got any mail from group to your email in last 24 ?

  • No unfortunately not. Actually i tried a lot of things before sent a request to the forum.
    For example i deleted all the emails from the italerts mailbox , sent a new email to IT group , where italerts is a member , but i didn't receive it.
    By the way everything else works fine. Customers created automatically, refresh mailbox works well too when it counts the emails.

  • As you told that italerts is a member in IT group . So whenever someone try to sent mail in IT group. will it automatically shows in IT group member's inbox ?

  • Yes that's true. I tried several Helpdesk systems before and all of them worked with fine with this.

  • okay send one new mail to IT group . then check in italerts member inbox , when it will receive in inbox then after run the mailbox refresh command. but makesure you have done the updates which i shared you the last .

    Also take the screenshots of each steps which you followed.

    1. I delete everything from the italerts mailbox.
    2. I sent an email to IT@ and the italerts receive it.
    3. Restart Apache.
    4. Clear cache ( php bin/console c:c )
    5. Run the refresh command. (below is the screenshot)
    6. Nothing appeared in the Tickets link of UVDesk

  • So Mail is converted into ticket or not ?

  • No it doesn't converted.


  • @DD

    Please share your italerts email & password.
    so that we can test it properly.

  • Unfortunately i can't do that. I will create a new user as a member of the IT@ email group and I'll let you know

  • I tried a new user from the scratch. I added the user into IT@ group.
    I've sent an email and I saw the email in the outlook.
    When i tried the refresh-mailbox command there aren't any emails in the UVDESK.

  • Share the credentials of new user then I will check .
    Share the credentials on this "servicewebkul@gmail.com" mail .

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