Knowledgebase Text Colour

  • Need to change the text color of the knowledgebase? How can I do?

  • @Rachael-J-Price

    Currently for text there is no option to change it's color form website (from branding section).
    But if you need any specific color for the same you can add a style for the same.

    Locate path in your project:
    vendor/uvdesk/support-center-bundle/Resources/views/Themes you will see different theme templates here.

    You need to make changes into these files.

    Default layout is Masonry view so you need to make changes in masonryView.html.twig

    For heading if you need to a Red color:

    <h1 style="color: red" class="uv-text-center">{{ "Browse via Folders"|trans}}</h1>

    Check this:

    For paragraph:

    If you need yellow color then:

    <p style="color:yellow" class="uv-text-center uv-fixed-width">{{ "Looking for something that is queried generally? Choose a relevant folder from below to explore possible solutions"|trans}}</p>

    Check this:

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