How to Add my own New status fields?

  • I would like to add a new status field, how I can achieve this?

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    For this query you just need to make some few changes to do this.

    1.  Add all status to your database  table uv_ticket_status  as we have added two new status here in below image in database table.


    2. Now locate file vendor->uvdesk->core-framework->Repository->TicketRepository.php open  TicketRepository.php  and  reach to  getTicketTabDetails()  function.

    $data = array(1 => 0, 2 => 0, 3 => 0, 4 => 0, 5 => 0, 6 => 0, 7 => 0, 8 => 0); 
    Add new entries in $data array here as we have added 7 and 8.

    3. Finally  locate   vendor->uvdesk->core-framework->Resources->views->ticketList.html.twig
    open ticketList.html.twig  and  go to line 134  add new status elements here.

    <a href="#" data-id="7" class="uv-aside-nav-active"><span class="name">{{ 'Hold'|trans }}</span><span class="uv-flag-gray">0</span></a>

    <a href="#" data-id="8" class="uv-aside-nav-active"><span class="name">{{ 'Coming'|trans }}</span><span class="uv-flag-gray">0</span></a>

    and provide the data-id as same as in database.

    You can make this changes and the things will work as expected.



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