Some ticket can be missed

  • This is maybe not really a big issue but is a small issue that I don't know if can be "resolved".

    If customer send two emails from the same email address to the same support email address with the same email subject, just one ticket is created, other email is missed. Ticket will flag as read the second email and will not open a ticket maybe because don't know how to manage the same subject.

  • @peopleinside
    Thanks for checking this case, I also verify this & having the same issue, ticket which is created is successfully opened.
    We will be resolved this issue soon.

  • @bansalvaish thanks. As suggested on Skype you should work also in the community for have a badge if you reply from staff profile or will be confusing understand when is the team to reply 🙂

  • @peopleinside
    Thanks for the suggestion, I hope now it will be easy to understand when reply will have done with my profile as I update my profile image ✌ ☺

  • @bansalvaish This is a good idea but anyone can steal the picture of the user profile.
    Your community support also badge, I suggest to implement it. you need also add re captcha on registration.

    This is my suggestion 😄 thanks anyway for the help.
    Will listen here when the issue will be resolved. Don't know if you will open a GitHub issue for this I will follow.
    Thank you again, have a great day and week!

  • @bansalvaish Also email created from a PHP application not open tickets.

    This can be a security measure but how if an abuse report come to the abuse email address that is managed by the ticket system?

    If this is a feature you should maybe let ticket open but warn with a banner that email comes from not a fully authenticated email address so can be a security issue reply or trust the ticket.

    I use live helper chat on my website and tested that if someone send an offline message and this message is delivered to my support ticket email address the ticket is not opened, UVdesk mark the email as read and if I don't see this email in the email inbox I'm not informed in UVdesk about the support request email because no ticket are created.

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