No incoming or outgoing emails working.... Please help....

  • Hi,

    I installed UVDesk on Bluehost through softaculous. I am unable to get emails to work on UVDesk. I have tried and tested all the customer support software on softaculous and did not have an issue with emails. I have followed all instructions found on github and uvdesk forum.

    So far, I have:

    1. Updated auth_mode: login in config/packages/swiftmailer.yaml
    2. Cleared cache using php bin/console c:c
    3. Triple checked all settings and spent 18-20 hours trying to figure it out

    Please help!

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    Locate the file 

    Open the EmailService.php reach to sendMail() function.

    and dump() the exception as in attached image.


    It will show the error you are facing while sending mails (if adding an agent, creating a ticket etc)

  • UVdesk Staff mod


    For mailbox refresh issue if your mails not converting into ticket.
    Then please check your -
    site_url in uvdesk.yaml file under config->packages of your project.

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