@thehazzard said in what is the link of the support portal?:

Hi all,

i am new here, and need some basic information.

I have managed to install UVDESK open-source version on XAMPP.
Needed only to add some extra .dll files in php/ext and modify the php.ini.

So i created the first admin account etc. And what is the portal to login on the admin account??

it brings me always to public/en where you only can generate a ticket,
The kb"s only say: login on the support portal but i cannot find it. any help?

If you have created and installed successfully the uvdesk project.

The below URL is the default URL for admin/agent login if you have not made any changes for /member prefix.

If you are using on localhost:

If you are using on server:

Also, We can customize this on the setup wizard as per says the previous reply.

I created the first admin account etc

Let us know, you have created this admin account using the web installer wizard or using the terminal command:

php bin/console uvdesk:configure-helpdesk