URL forwarding

  • Hi,

    as part of a test of a new support strategy, we are currently studying your solution under the following configuration :

    • Debian 10 on LXC
    • Apache2
    • Php7.3
    • Remote access in ssh to the test machine

    Unfortunately after an incident free installation of the project, via the 2 proposed methods, we are unable to access via the browser to the URL, we are continuously redirected to the following address: http:domain_name/helpdesk_project/public/en

    But there is no "en" directory in the "public" folder

    Is there a redirection to set up?

    Best regards


  • UVdesk Staff

    @Sam said in URL forwarding:

    What URL? Can you elaborate? Tell me more about your problem.

  • mod admin

    Closing as resolved as no reply was made.
    UVdesk is still improving and with them also the support community.

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