Community rules, privacy and support

  • mod admin

    🙋 Welcome to the UVdesk community!
    If you don't have a community account yet you should be able to create one on the top bar, right side.

    👨‍🏫 We have simple rules:

    • respect
    • no spam
    • no illegal content
    • single account **

    If you are facing any issues with the community registration or your account
    you can always get in touch with a moderator or with the UVdesk support.

    If you are facing login issues you can reach me on my personal UVdesk instance.
    I will be happy to help in real time (live chat) or in a short time (ticket).

    You can also always visit the UVdesk support center at

    We are always working to improve UVdesk and also this community!

    🤖 👮 Recently we added some community spam and prevention of abuses rules and also some checks
    so some profiles maybe banned if they are violating our simple rules.

    😊 Regular good users shouldn't have any issue on using and registering on the UVdesk community.

    If you are facing any issues feel free to contact us.

    ** single account: regular community user usually need a single account for interact in the community.
    If you try to create multiple community accounts, your registration can be queued for moderation approval and, if a suspect behaviour is found, your access to the community can be limited or denied.

    🍪 Privacy and cookie policy can be found there:

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