Attachment and Logo Issue - UVDesk Cpanel Install - public_html

  • Hi!

    I am running uvdesk community in a cpanel account. By default uvdesk use the "public" folder as their accessible folder to the world, but cpanel uses the public_html folder.

    I installed using the web installer what make my uvdesk be accessible using the public_html folder, however when I try to upload any attachment or logo these images are not being displayed as their where uploaded in a folder above the public_html. Checking my server, I found that even that uvdesk is using the public_html to be accessible, files uploads still being created in the default "public" folder from uvdesk.

    How can I change the default public folder from uvdesk to use my public_html?

  • mod admin

    @leandrorocha I'm sorry for issues faced.
    What version of UVdesk you installed?

    I don't use CPanel but some script install can be not updated; if you are unable to see UVdesk work I suggest to install manually and see if this resolve the issues faced.

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