Multi-Language Ticket Type

  • I searched through the documentation and couldnt confirm if is it possible to create multi-language ticket type?

    I trying to implement a helpdesk in portuguese, english and spanish, but seems that there isnt an option to translate the ticket type in the frontend.

  • mod admin

    Hi @leandrorocha UVdesk can support different languages but seems actually in the open source self hosted version there is no an option to change or select the language by using a dropdown menĂ¹.

    In my installation I generate an external service translation embed code than I implemented the desired language.
    You can see here. where you can find two flags: Italian and English.

    Just generate embed code with only flags and not the drop down in my case than I added the code in the footer and header as <li><li/> before the Home button in main-uvdesk/vendor/uvdesk/support-center-bundle/Resources/views/Templates/footer.html.twig (or header.html.twig)

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