Disabled department should be not disabled for operator and workflow

  • mod admin

    Hi, from my experience I see disabled department are no more visible to operator that are unable to open a ticket for a customer. This should not happen and operator should be able to open a ticket for the customer also if the department is disabled so hidden to the public.

    Also in workflow, in department is disabled you cannot create a rule for disabled department, also this should be avoid.
    Workflow creation should be always possible as always working also if the department is disabled.

    If not means admin must enable the department that will be showed in visitor side and this is bad if the department has to stay private. If admin or operator need do actions different from reply to the ticket, must have the department enabled and visible to users... this sound to have no much sense.

    Can be this be an issue to open on GitHub or can you please explain me the logic of disabled department?
    For me a disabled department is a private department that should be fully working by email but not visible in dropdown Help Desk user side.

    Waiting your reply thanks.

  • mod admin

    @Sanjeev, @bansalvaish
    this issue or discussion seems to be not resolved.

    If need have department that works means is active but not visible in the public web interface of the ticket what need to do?
    Deactivate department?

    Suppose I have

    • 1 departmant sales
    • 2 department support
    • 3 department private

    customers should see from the web interface just department 1 and 2, the third department (3) should be hidden but active.

    What the disabled department has been thanked for?
    Seems if a department is disabled cannot also be used in workflow, I tested again the demo today.

    Maybe need ask implement a function for allow a department to be active but hidden from the create ticket customer page?

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