@ChandanHJ Check Following Cases: Before setting up your project check below things and make changes accordingly: Case 1. A web server might don’t have permission to allow overriding of the Apache config on a per-directory basis. In apache2.conf, Allow Override needs to be set to All for the directory block as mention below: <Directory /home/users/www> Options Indexes FollowSymLink AllowOverride All Require all granted Note: Need to run below commands for enabling mod rewrite rule: a2enmod rewrite Then, restart web server: service apache2 restart Case 2. If your database password contains some special character(such as #$%@) then change your password and make it without special character. Case 3. Allow read-write permission for below file & folder: For .env file – chmod 777 -R path of .env file of UVdesk project For var folder -chmod 777 -R path of var folder of UVdesk project For config folder – chmod 777 -R path of config folder of UVdesk project Case 4. And also check max execution time if it is 30 sec then increase it. Check here. Case 5. locate .env file in your project and make sure APP_ENV=dev when you are doing your setup. After that, restart your server by. service apache2 restart Lastly, clear your project cache by: php bin/console c:c