AOL Account Recovery Tips

  • Today we have several accounts online, and it is difficult to remember the password of each account. If you are an AOL email user, in order to protect your account, change the password and if you forgot your password, you can reset the AOL password. If you do not know the steps to reset the AOL password, read this article and know the steps. This article will be useful for you, so you should review the article and follow the instructions provided. Then it will be easy for you “How to reset the AOL password”.

    You can recover AOL email password by following methods:

    Recovery Phone number.
    Recovery Email address.
    Account Security Question & profile information.
    How to Recover Forgot AOL Password
    This is how you will get rid of How to Recover Forgot AOL Password issue without facing much of a stretch. Also, if you have remembered your AOL mail account password and want to change the password and looking out for steps to do so, then, you should follow the article.

    AOL Account Password Change Steps

    First of all, you will require to log in to your AOL account using your username and password.
    Then you need to go to Manage your account option.
    There you have to select Password and go to the Change Password option.
    After that, you have to enter your current password and select a new password for your AOL account and confirm it. Also, it is suggested that you should choose a strong and easy to remember the password to keep you stay away from further issues.
    At last, click on the Save option and this is it.

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    Steps to reset AOL password using your Account Security Question & profile information:

    Click on forgot the password and look for the security question.
    Write your unique answer to the question and click “verify.”
    Enter the required information of the AOL profile, such as the DOB name, etc.
    When AOL verifies the information and your security response, you can continue and complete the steps to create a new password for your AOL email account.
    All users who set up two-step authentication are highly recommended to make it difficult for hackers in the future. In this fresh age, not a few years ago, everyone used to use sophisticated technology. That’s why it’s pretty simple for hackers to hack private data from someone. You just need to Recover AOL Account to become safe and secure from that individual and then all your hurdles will be exterminated.