How To Install AOL Desktop Gold Dial +1(866) 257-5356

  • AOL (American Online) is one of the most popular email service providers we have today. Install AOL Desktop Gold Dial + 1(866)257-5356 The organization is widely recognized for offering outstanding services and excellent customer support. It has millions of active users around the globe speaking about its popularity and usage. It began as a dial-up network, but later expanded its business and became the leading provider of email services.

    AOL Desktop Gold's features.

    Annex cap for email: 25 MB Free account for 90 days.
    It supports protocols OP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
    For AOL, once signed in to main AOL, another email account can be connected to AOL.
    Security of extra layer.
    It features an AIM board showing vital friends data.
    It also gives you the option to supported various websites. It comes with the security against viruses.
    Equipped with a well-versed checker of spelling.
    It provides after login support for SSL / HTTPS.

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