Thing you should know before canceling your flights with delta airlines.

  • Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States who serves in more than 300 destinations with around 5000 flight every day. It is one of the airlines that come with best deals & offers for frequent flyers, basic economy passengers and international travelers. Delta airlines have a policy to change or cancel your flights in which you can make changes or cancel your flights with some amount of fee. Let’s check out the cost for flight changes or cancellations as per the ticket type.

    Delta Airlines provides risk-free cancellation policy in which a passenger can make changes or cancel the particular flight without any fee. In this case, you can visit the delta website, mobile app or call reservations desk within 24 hours of the flight booking time to make changes or cancel it for free.

    After the risk-free cancellation period, delta airlines charge a fee for this as per the ticket type. Delta Airlines provides three types of ticket as basic economy fare, non-refundable and flex or refundable ticket. Basic economy fare tickets are not allowed to be changed or canceled after risk-free cancellation time. However, the non-refundable tickets can be changed by paying a delta flight change fee from $200-$500 depends on your destinations. If you want to cancel a non-refundable ticket then the cancelation fee from $200-$500 will be deducted from your actual fare of ticket and rest amount will be refunded as an e-credit.

    In the case of refundable or flex tickets, you can change your flight by just paying the fare difference to new flight. However, if you want to cancel delta flight then you will get a refund with any cancellation fee deduction to your basic flight fare.

    How to avoid delta flight change fee?

    The best way to avoid the flight change or cancellation fee is to do it in a risk-free cancellation period. If you are not sure about your travel plans then always book flex or refundable tickets to avoid the flight change fee. Delta travel insurance is also a better solution to avoid the flight cancelation charges.