Know about delta same day flight change policy.

  • Canceling or changing flights involve a particular fee after 24 hours of flight booking time with every Airline in the United States. When we travel with delta airline it provides a risk-free cancellation period to change or cancel the flight for free. However, after risk-free cancellation time delta airline charges $200 for domestic flights and up to $500 for international flights.

    As per delta flight change policy you can not cancel your economy fare ticket after risk-free cancellation time. After that time you can cancel your ticket with a cost of $200-$500 for non-refundable ticket and you don’t have to pay a cancellation fee for refundable tickets.

    If you want to change your flight on the day of flight departure then you need to pay the flight change fee of $75. As per same day flight change policy, you can get either confirmed or standby status. In Confirmed status, you will get another flight with an available seat by paying the fee. However, in Standby status, you will not be charged delta same day flight change fee until confirmed status.

    So if your travel plans are confirmed then economy fare ticket is perfect for you as flight change or cancellation is not available after 24 hours. However, If you are not sure about traveling dates or your travel plans change frequently then a refundable ticket will be the best option in which you can save delta flight ticket change fee.