Hysterectomy Surgery in India

  • Hysterectomy surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures over women, still, it is the most traumatizing process as it takes away the possibility of getting pregnant again. The primary reason for performing hysterectomy is gynaecological cancer is putting your life or health at risk. In this procedure, the uterus of women is removed permanently in order to save her from fatal diseases. Hysterectomy Surgery cost is quite affordable and therefore it is the most preferred option. However, many people are wonder about hysterectomy side effects. Well yes, there are as certain surgeries that may have either a direct or indirect effect on your bodies, among them, hysterectomy is one.

    The surgery of hysterectomy has 2 types, one is the total hysterectomy and second is the partial hysterectomy. The first case is also known as 'surgical menopause', where the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the uterus are entirely removed which in turn tampers or interrupts in the production of ovarian hormones. In the second type of surgery, the ovaries are not removed and are kept in place while removing the uterus. In almost all the cases, due to the diminishing circulation of blood to the ovaries, its function ceases as a matter of result. This is one fact that is yet to be resolved by the medical experts worldwide and is considered as one of the side effects of Hysterectomy Surgery.