HP ePrint Not Working

  • If your HP ePrint not working, don’t worry you can resolve it in a few simple steps.

    First, turn off your printer and start it up again. Then print a sample document from the device on the same network. If there is an error then there is a network issue. Now, check whether Web Services is enabled on your printer. Go to ‘settings’ by tapping the ‘HP ePrint’ icon and enable it. If the problem is not still resolved, check your print job requirements. Only enter the printer’s email address into the ‘to’ field. No more than 10 documents/images should be attached. Check your document and image format. Only PDF, HTML, TXT, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF types of files can be printed

    If the problem persists try troubleshooting your network. First, ensure the printer is linked to a wireless network. Then bring the router near the printer without any obstacles between them. After that, restart your router. Sometimes firewall may stop the printer from accessing the wireless network. Change the firewall settings to allow wireless printing. If the problem continues or if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact the customer services