How to debug errors

  • mod admin

    If you are facing issues on UVdesk you can:

    1. check server error log
    2. be sure to use an updated and a supported version of PHP. You can see PHP version that are ended his life here.
    3. be sure to run latest version of UVdesk, you can check the version on the UVdesk GitHub release page
    4. you can convert UVdesk from prod to dev and see if reload the page print some errors

    How to set UVdesk in dev mode (point 4 above)?

    Go to your UVdesk root folder, be sure hidden files are visible and search for .env file, open the file with editor.
    Search for "APP_ENV=prod" and change prod to dev so you will have "APP_ENV=dev".
    Now save the file than go on SSH, open UVdesk folder root and lunch the command to clean cache: php bin/console c:c

    Now try to reload the page that is giving issue.

    You can also check log file located in UVdesk root folder, var/log

    After the diagnosis don't forget to resume the prod mode.
    If you are facing any issues please ask on the forum

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