Tibet travel tips

  • Many foreigners have questions about Tibet tour. What things to prepare to Tibet? What documents needed to apply for China visa and Tibet travel permit? And so on.
    We’ll show you some useful Tibet travel tips.
    1、Things to prepare
    If you have a Tibet tour plan, apart from a passport and China visa, all foreigners allowed to enter Tibet must have Tibet travel permits(some people also called it Tibet visa). You need the Tibet travel permit to board a train or plane to Lhasa. If you want to travel outside Lhasa such as Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi, and so on. You are required to apply for the Alien’s travel permit issued by The Public Security Bureau.
    Carrying some medicine to Tibet is necessary to prevent altitude sickness. If you are going to the area such as Namtso, Everest, Ngari, remember to bring some thick clothes to keep warm. Do not wear short clothes or pants because it’s harmful to expose your skin to the ultraviolet. You can enjoy your iPad or other electronics on the train. In a word, we suggest traveling with a light pack.

    2.Physical requirements
    If you are not confident about your body condition, go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, consult with your doctor and staying physically strong and healthy are a must before making the decision to travel to Tibet. To avoid high altitude sickness, you can take Rhodiola one or two in advance. To restore the balance of your body, stop exercising one week prior, make sure your body is in good condition, especially avoid getting cold before entering Tibet. Catching a cold in Tibet is very troublesome which can even lead to pulmonary edema.

    3.Transportation to Tibet
    We don’t suggest travelers take a shuttle to Tibet, cause it’s a waste of time and energy. Besides, many uncertain insecurity factors exist. If you fly for the first time to Tibet, it would increase your difficulty adapting to the local altitude and the chance to cause altitude sickness. So, you’d better take a train to Tibet. It’s Tibetan travel peak From July to August and a great number of people take a train to Tibet. It’s quite difficult for you to purchase a train ticket to Tibet. Remember to book your train tickets in advance and you’d better leave Tibet by plane.

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